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Treada Tech leverages highly qualified and seasoned researchers, plus close relationships with the research community and academic institutions to assist clients with R&D planning, emerging technology research, rapid prototyping and proof-of-concept development. We leverage our agility and proven methodologies in several areas including applied cryptography, secure mobile technology including 5G wireless, IoT, blockchain, SCADA /ICS security, and implantable medical device security (IoMT). 
Treada doesn't just talk a good story about innovation - we live it and deliver it.  Contact us at for more information.
Select Innovations by Treada Tech Principals

Patent # 7,516,485—Method and apparatus for securely transmitting encrypted data through a firewall and for monitoring user traffic

Patent # 6,874,026—Method and apparatus for filtering packets using a dedicated processor

Patent # 6,647,418—Method and apparatus for filtering packets using a dedicated processor

Patent # 6,338,140—Method and system for validating subscriber identities in a communications network

Patent # 6,158,008—Method and apparatus for updating address lists for a packet filter processor

Patent # 6,092,110—Apparatus for filtering packets using a dedicated processor

Patent # 5,930,362—Generation of encryption key

Patent # 5,875,394—Method of mutual authentication for secure wireless service provision

Patent # 5,481,611—Method and apparatus for entity authentication


Select NIST Special Publications by Treada Tech Principals


NIST SP800-48—Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Security

NIST SP800-97Guidance on 2nd Generation 802.11 Security

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