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What does Treada mean?

The Greek word for Trinity is “Triada”, pronounced “Tree-AH-Dah.”  Taking some liberties with the spelling we created Treada – something unique that reflects our company capabilities and culture.

We adopted the ancient Celtic trinity knot (sometimes called a triquetra) symbol as our logo, because the idea of trinity is reflected in many aspects of Treada’s culture. The Celtic Christian church used this symbol to represent the Holy Trinity, and the Trinity is represented in many aspects of Treada, including one of our core values to “Like, Trust, and Respect” our partners and customers. It also represents the three core competencies of Treada Technology Group, which are Cybersecurity, Systems/Software Engineering and Research & Development.


The three black lobes in our logo represent our capabilities, and the red ring that touches and entwines the lobes we call the “red ring of innovation.” Treada is committed to a culture of innovation and continuous improvement, leveraging lateral thinking and creativity in all that we do. We don’t just talk a good story about innovation – we live it and deliver it.

Treada Technology Group BC #20817-01Tran
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